5/10/02 Racing Results




Sprint A-Feature

The night is cold and the sky is cloudy. Everyone is expecting rain and the Sprint Feature is rushed. The lineup is complete and they start with #39 Jeff Snow side by side with #24 Terry McCall from Knoxville. Terry is off to a great start, rocketing ahead of everyone, with #12 Colin Northway (also from Knoxville) in second and #96 Jim Cameron gaining in third. Frequent wrecks and slow downs don’t discourage McCarl. After every restart, he excels ahead again and again. Northway, amazingly doing well after flipping his car and changing a flat tire to continue racing in his heat race, stays in second behind McCarl for many laps.

Northway takes over the first place spot through lap traffic pinching McCarl off into second. After yet another restart, McCarl’s motor has problems and is taken out of the race. This puts #92 J.R. Topper into third causing a constant battle for the top two spots between Northway, Cameron, and Topper.

The white flag is thrown with strong lightning to the south and the rain starting. Northway maintains his lead, with Cameron and Topper close behind. On the final lap, Northway accelerates and takes the checkered flag, with Cameron taking second, and Topper in third.





Modified A-Feature


The lineup reads #77 Dean Wray in front, with #99 Lee Hibner five cars back and #02 Greg Querry three back. Wray takes an early lead off the start and stays in first throughout the entire race. A fight for second between Querry and #58 Terry Vantramp breaks out while Wray extends his lead.

Not far behind is Hibner, closing fast from fifth place and out of nowhere, passes three cars for second place, forcing Querry to settle with third.

In the last stretch of dirt, Wray is far ahead in first, with Hibner in second, and Querry in third.




Stock A-Feature


The race is about to start, with #67 Dusty Beaty in first, #r00f Jake Cameron directly behind him, and #65x Thomas Roberts four cars back. The green flag is thrown and almost immediately, Cameron takes second place. Beaty maintains his lead for most of the race, until #26 Steve Glenn, closing fast from a sixth place start, takes turn 4 very wide and screams into first. Also, #30 Mike Ryun passes Roberts for third. The final lap arrives with Glenn in first, Beaty in second, and Ryun in third.


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