5-17-02 Racing Results




Dennis Moore, Jr. 2 for 2 at US 36


            Entering a stiff field of competition, Moore started on the pole and never looked back, accomplishing his second straight victory at US 36 Raceway. If there is one word to describe his performance tonight, it’s “fast.”

          The track couldn’t be any better as the Sprint A-Feature lines up for the race. #71 Dennis Moore, Jr. has the pole position with # 7s Tim St. Arnold beside him, #6 Bryan Grimes behind Moore, and #92J J.R. Topper behind Grimes.

          Early in the race, #50D Derek Beckman passes two cars for the 4th place spot while Moore accelerates to about 5 car lengths ahead of St. Arnold (in 2nd). After lap 4, Grimes and St. Arnold are battling for 2nd while Topper is making his move for 4th, forcing Beckman into 5th

          After about twelve laps, Topper takes 3rd by passing St. Arnold on the high side. The same line up continues throughout the rest of the race until, in the last two laps, Beckman takes 4th with St. Arnold battling for his spot back. Lap traffic then pinches Beckman off, making Beckman settle with 5th place and allowing St. Arnold to finish 4th.

          The final result is Moore in 1st, Grimes in 2nd, Topper in 3rd, and St. Arnold in 4th. 




Wray’s Second Victory Straight


          Most of the race consisted of a battle for the top four spots between #88 Lonnie Hibner, #51 Mike Ryun, #77 Dean Wray, and #58 Terry Vantramp.

          Vantramp was all over the place. One minute he would be in 1st and the next back to 4th. This continued until finally, #22 Yancy Shepard, coming from a 12th position start, came flying though the ranks and swerved into 1st place, pushing Hibner, Ryun, and Vantramp into lap traffic. This lets Shepard and Wray have a free battle for 1st, and what a battle it was. It seems like after every lap, they had switched places for 1st and 2nd. Finally, Wray passes Shepard for 1st and keeps it for a lap to take the checkered flag. Shepard took 2nd, Ryun took 3rd, and Vantramp took 4th.



Ryun Blows the Rest Away


            #30 Mike Ryun started in 9th place and with his maneuvering through the slower traffic, took 2nd and started battling #67 Dusty Beaty for 1st. When he finally got around Beaty, a car in the back hit the wall causing Ryun to get back in 2nd (didn’t complete the lap).

            After a ten minute delay due to a lack in emergency crew, the race was restarted with about 8 laps to go. On the last stetch, Beaty passes #21 Steven Clancy and #26 Steve Glenn for 2nd while Ryun just extends his lead.

            The checkered was thrown to Ryun in 1st, Beaty in 2nd, Clancy in 3rd, and Glenn in 4th.





By: Tony Snook