5-31-02 Racing Results



Leonard Lee Shows What Racing's All About


            Leonard Lee in the #16L car put on a show for the crowd at US 36. Starting in 16th place, Lee shot up through the ranks with nothing but good driving and pedal-to-the-medal racing.

          After a three-car pile-up right off the starting line, the group was restarted. #92J J.R. Topper was passed early by #D1 Jesse Giannetto and #2A Randy Hibbs. #44h Phillip Heavelow (started pole) sped ahead with Giannetto hot on his heels. After a few more laps, Hibbs caught up with the top two and a battle between Heavelow, Hibbs, and Giannetto broke out right before a caution.

         Coming out of the caution, Heavelow (running a 360) was quickly passed by Giannetto, Hibbs, and Topper on the low side where it was still tacky. Then, out of nowhere, #16L Leonard Lee tried to pass Heavelow who spun out and was sent to the back. With Heavelow in the back, Lee was able to concentrate on the top three spots (Giannetto, Hibbs, and Topper).

         During the final 8 laps, everyone was making their moves. #6 Bryan Grimes took 5th place (from starting in 8th) while #12 Colin Northway and #7a Johnny Lightning battled for 6th. Lee passed Topper, then Hibbs then Giannetto in only a few laps for 1st. Then, after holding 1st place for so long and just recently being forced into 2nd, Giannetto spun out and was sent to the back.

         Grimes was advancing while Hibbs was trying to get around Lee. Grimes passed Northway, Lightning and Topper for 3rd and then got around Hibbs for second place while Topper also passed Hibbs for third with 3 laps to go. In the final three laps, there was a lot of movement in the top 5 cars. Northway took 4th from Hibbs and then advanced to third over Topper.

         On the final lap, Grimes was giving it his all and trying to get around Lee when in turn 3, he tried make his move low but slid a little sideways in the still damp yellow clay. Lee took the opportunity and sped ahead coming out of turn 4 and took 1st place over Grimes.

         The final top finishers were Lee in 1st, Grimes in 2nd, Northway in 3rd, and Topper in 4th.



By: Tony Snook