6-28-02 Racing Results



Flyin' Bryan Back in Victory Lane at US 36


            Bryan Grimes in the #6 car started in the pole position and kept it throughout the entire race here at US 36 Raceway. Off the start, Grimes, #92 JR Topper (started 2nd), and #75 Jesse Hockett (started 3rd) fought for first for about 2 laps until Gimes sped ahead of the pack. This left Topper and Hockett to battle for the number two spot.

            After a few more laps, Jim Cameron put his car into the fence in the same spot as two weeks ago, and after the cars were restarted, the order was Gimes in first, then Topper, Hockett, #69X Andy Hillenburg, and #1a Christi Passmore.

            Halfway through the race, a battle for third breaks out between Hillenburg and Hockett. Hillenburg popped a wheely coming out of turn two and passed Hockett on the low side but had to slow down going into turn three. Hockett kept the throttle down through the corner and got his spot back. For a few laps, this scene repeated itself. Hillenburg had the speed in the straights, but Hockett clearly had the corners won.

            By the time Hockett got away from Hillenburg, Grimes was half the track ahead with only 6 laps to go. In these last laps, Hockett showed great lap traffic maneuvering by gaining on Grimes. At the pace Hockett set, if he would have had a few more laps, he would have been right on Grimes, but it was too late and Grimes took first.

            The top four finishers were Grimes, Hockett, Passmore, and Topper.


By: Tony Snook