7-12-02 Racing Results



Moore comes back in flames at US 36



    On the night of the 12th at US 36, the clouds were heavy and the track tacky. "Bud Night at the Races" brought all the big dogs. The front eight read: Madsen at pole, then Grimes, Cameron, Moore, Topper, Beckman, Hunter, and Newman. Moore, after not making a show for a few weeks, decided to return and show he's still got the heat at US 36.

    Off the start #82 Kerry Madsen pulled way ahead while #71 Dennis Moore, Jr. made an early move by passing #96C Jim Cameron on the low side. Moore stayed low throughout, also soon passing #6 Bryan Grimes on the low of turn 4. Cameron stayed close in fourth. Cameron then tried a move on Grimes in turn 2 but soon lost the 3rd place spot back to Grimes. After only a few laps into the race, Madsen was already encountering lap traffic. This is where Dennis Moore, Jr. showed off. Madsen had a nice lead, but with excellent maneuvering, Moore caught up quickly.

    After a wreck on the front straight, Moore and Madsen started together in front. Moore pulled his front wheels off the ground with incredible acceleration and took the #1 spot away from Madsen low in turn 1. Not far back in the ranks, #4k Lynton Jeffery was all over #50D Derek Beckman.

    After a caution restart, #21x Skip Jackson started biting at Beckman's heels. After Jackson passed Backman, Jeffery soon did the same, putting Beckman into 5th place.

    After yet another restart, Madsen flipped his car in turn 2 and gave Grimes a chance to battle with Moore. With only 4 laps to go, Moore finally got a bite again and left Grimes in the dust. Jeffery passed Jackson on the final stretch with great acceleration. The final finish was Moore, Grimes, Jeffery, and Jackson in 4th.


By: Tony Snook