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2019 Drag Strip Classes, Rules, and Regulations

Super Pro – Delay Box, Air/Electric shifter allowed, 7.50 & faster

Pro – 2-Step and Transbrake allowed, no delay box, must be manually shifted. 8.0 & faster

Sportsman – This is for race cars wanting to run for a trophy only – no pay-out in this class.

Trophy – Approved Street DOT Tires only in this class.

All cars must meet safety requirements for ET.

If your car runs faster than 7.50, you must have roll bar and racing harness.

Cars running 7.50 and faster must have a diaper. Exemptions include late model street driven cars. Non SFI is okay.

If your car runs 6.50 or quicker, you must have a 10 point roll cage.

Approved racing helmet and fire suit for ET also required.

We generally follow NHRA rules. They are avaiable online.

Any further questions, please e-mail us and we’ll be glad to help you.

-Mike Franks


King of the 28s Small Tire Shoot Out Rules


Classes and Racer Admission

All racers pay $20 admission for Wednesday Night Test & Tune (spectators pay $5).


2018 Race Star Industries Shoot Out Payout
$65 Entry Fee
1st                         $ 1500
2nd                        $  750
Semi                      $  200
Semi                      $  200
Qtr                         $  100
Qtr                         $  100
Qtr                         $  100

2019 King of the Hill

2019 Points Registration Form



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