2014 King of the Hill

Coming soon...

Entry Fee: $25.00
1st Place - Trophy, 1st Place Money, and Jacket
100% Pay back, plus donated gift certificates from
  numerous businesses
*  You must run in your regular class to be eligible to enter 
    the King of the Hill race. Entry must be made at the 
    start of all Races on that date so brackets can be made
*  Pro-tree     Cars 7.5 and quicker
*  Cars will be paired by ET
*  Dial in can be adjusted before race begins
*  0.05 Breakout allowed
*  No deep staging
*  No buy backs
*  Must have:  roll cage, drag slicks, and required safety
*  Delay box allowed
*  No throttle stops (cannot be on car, period)
*  Race will be run after regular classes

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